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Tesco’s Virtual Stores

Tesco’s Virtual Stores

By thebaregroup - On Jul 15 - In Bare Breakdown, Distribution Ideas, Engagement Ideas - With 0 Comment

This idea is simply amazing. We nearly jumped out of our desks when we watched this video. This is a real idea! These are the types of ideas brands need to be generating in order to win in the marketplace.

Objective: Become #1 in the Korean market.

Problem: The category leader has more stores than us-more stores means mores sales.

Challenge (what does the idea need to do?): Make us #1 in the marketplace, without increasing the # of stores.

Insight:  South Koreans despise shopping. 
South Koreans are some of the world’s most hardworking people and, because of that, they see grocery shopping as a time consuming nuisance that already cuts into their busy schedules.

Strategic Thought:  Let the store come to the people.

Distribution/Engagement Idea:  Tesco Virtual Stores.
Tesco created virtual stores, perfect out-of-home replicas of the store’s merchandise and displays, and placed them around the city in places where people have to wait.  Products could be scanned with mobile phone and, with the click of a button, shoppers would have their carts delivered to their home.

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