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Hyundai’s Assurance.

Hyundai’s Assurance.

By thebaregroup - On Mar 21 - In Bare Breakdown, Product Ideas, Strategic Ideas - With 0 Comment

Hands down, one of the best marketing stories in the last few years has been written by the folks at Hyundai. And all it took was a few simple ideas.

Objective:  Grow share.

Problem: Way too risky.
It’s not just Hyundai, American’s aren’t buying cars at all because the economic climate has way to volatile for such a major purchase decision.

Challenge (What should the idea do?):  Provide certainty in buying a Hyundai in uncertain times in America.
Make Americans believe that, although there is a lot of uncertainty in America, they can never go wrong buying a Hyundai.

Strategic Thought:  From car features to creating new features that make people comfortable when buying a car. 
Rather than tout the size of the engine, mpg, and all of the other things that are common in the market, Hyundai broke convention and developed new products that guaranteed Americans that there was peace of mind in purchasing a Hyundai.

Product Ideas: Hyundai Assurance
To date, Hyundai has developed 4 winning ideas that provide Americans with a risk-free shopping experience when it come to buying a Hyundai: Jobless Protection; Trade-in Value Guarantee, America’s Best Warranty, and 24/7 Roadside Assistance

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