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IKEA’s Manland

IKEA’s Manland

By thebaregroup - On Jan 23 - In Bare Breakdown, Engagement Ideas, Strategic Ideas - With 0 Comment

IKEA’s got a new way to get women to shop more and we love it!

Objective:  Get women to shop our stores more

Problem:  He gets in the way. 
Men dislike shopping as much as kids do.  Their disdain for shopping prevents women from (1) shopping as long as they want to and (2) coming in the store at all

Challenge (What should the idea do?): Prevent men from decreasing her shopping time.

Strategic Thought: Let’s entertain the men!
Rather than talk to women, we should find ways to keep the men busy while she shops.

Engagement IdeaManland.
IKEA creates a daycare for men

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