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NBC Universal’s Crowdsourced Capsule

NBC Universal’s Crowdsourced Capsule

By thebaregroup - On Sep 20 - In Bare Breakdown, Engagement Ideas, Strategic Ideas - With 0 Comment

The folks at NBC Universal have a new idea about how to get people more engaged in the brand. We’re not sure how it will play out, but we do like the strategy.

Objective:  Find new ways to engage our audience

Cultural TensionWe fail to enjoy the moment.
Between all of the technology at our fingertips and the cultural trends that leverage that technology (crowd sourcing, hyper sharing, checking-in, etc), we spend so much time multitasking that we never take time to experience the moment we are in.

Strategic Idea (What should the idea do?):  Leverage the tools that take us out of the moment, to put us back in the moment.

Engagement IdeaThe Life Catching Project.
NBC Universal’s rallies the world to submit pictures of everyday occurrences as a way of getting people to step back and “catch life”

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