bare was designed for one purpose:
to inject brands that matter with ideas that matter

About bare

The quick and simple facts about who we are


We are not an ad agency. Nor a PR, social, digital or any other kind of “agency” you can imagine. We are an idea shop, composed of strategic and creative thinkers from all walks of life. We were once brand managers, lawyers, artists, sound engineers, copywriters, planners, account folk and more, in our former lives, but once we got to bare, we threw away those function-based, divisive titles and called us what we are, “ideators.”


bare exist for one reason: to inject brands with simple ideas that drive both mind & market share, as well as engage and add value to your consumers lives. We call these ideas that matter. Inherent in this is our belief that ideas are extremely powerful and precious little treasures that exist everywhere. There is an idea behind your business. There is an idea behind your brand. There are ideas behind every strategy, program, and message we create. So whether we are talking about finding ideas hidden in your business or crafting new ideas that enable your brand to grow, at the end of the day, we craft ideas that matter so your brand can have a brighter future. We love generating all types of ideas: brand ideas, product ideas, engagement ideas, digital ideas, social ideas, positioning ideas, strategic ideas, partnership ideas…the list goes on and on.


What makes us most unique is our “how.” But if you’re looking for the conventional agency model where we claim to have a proprietary approach that will supposedly always get our Clients the best answers to their problems, you’ve come to the wrong place. At bare, the “secret sauce” does not lie in our framework for solving problems but in our framework for how we behave. It lies in our philosophy about how we approach ideas, partner with clients, and make an impact on the world. We call this philosophy bare thinking and we put it at the forefront of everything we do. And no, there is nothing proprietary about it. In fact, we are happy to share because the answer is not in the words; the answer is in the unique culture that the belief in the words creates. And, as we all know, culture is not easily duplicate.

Our Capabilities

Ideation & Innovation 99%

Strategy Development 99%
Brand Building 99%
Advertising 99%
Interactive Marketing 99%
Multicultural Marketing 99%

bare Thinking

Our philosophy is what differentiates us from everyone else. We look to partner with Clients that have similar values

bare was born out of a need for change in the marketing industry. After years of seeing the inner workings of some of the world’s most admired brands & their acclaimed agencies of record, we found an industry that was wrought with problems. We thought it was time for change; so we created a new animal, and called it bare. We built bare to be the antidote to everything we were experiencing in the marketing world. We immediately put pen to paper, as far as how we would behave differently, and it all came down to these key tenants.

bare-Minded: Emptiness

We come to the table empty. Butt-naked. Being open-minded and having no predetermined agenda. We don’t do television. We don’t do digital. We do ideas. We let the idea dictate the mediums (if there is even a medium involved). Only the challenge is allowed to inspire the thoughts and the content of what finds its way on to our blank sheets of paper.

bare-Solutions: Problem Solving

We solve puzzles. And delivering solutions (ideas) that matter starts with finding challenges that matter. We diagnose brands, simplify the complexities of their reality and focus on solving their most critical issues. Brands don’t grow because they produced another radio spot, they grow because they found a brilliant idea for a problem that was preventing them from being who and where they want to be.

bare-Necessity: Simplicity

We boil everything down to it’s most simlistic form…stripping it away of all of the “stuff”…eliminating all the unnecessary extras…leaving only what is need. This is true for how we staff our projects. It is true for how we present ideas. It is true for the types of ideas we present. It allows us to be flexible and nimble so we can adapt to our surroundings. It is also true that: only when there is nothing left to hide behind will you know if there is something there or not.

bare-Collaboration: Collective Creativity

We all work together. The planner. The copywriter. The account guy. Even the janitor has a right to sit at the table if he’s got ideas. There are no titles. We are all creative and great ideas come from everywhere. There is no assembly line process. Just one room, full of brilliant thinkers, mashed together in a pressure cooker in an effort to see where the best idea will come from next and, once discovered, who can beat it or push it to the next level.

bare-Us: Authenticity

Being bare is what takes the least amount of effort yet allows us to maximize our output. When we are in touch with ourselves-what we believe, what we want out of our interactions, what we want to contribute this world, where we are great (and maybe not so great)-we give ourselves the chance to be our best selves, create something amazing and be proud of the work we put forth into the world. We must always recognize our truest selves when we look back at what we’ve done.

bare-Excellence: High Standards

In all things we will put our best foot forward, presenting to the world our absolute best in everything we do. We are always one step way from greatness. So we must boycott mediocrity and push for the extraordinary every chance we get. We win when we concern ourselves with setting new standards, rather than meeting the standards that currently exist.



All great ideas deserve a chance, our incubator was created to help great ideas get to market without million dollar budgets

At bare, we believe all ideas ideas that matter deserve a chance to flourish. Far too often, great ideas die because Clients don’t have the money to take them to the next level. That’s why we created the bare Incubator, a special division within bare that services individuals and companies, such as Australian company, that have bare pockets or just a bare idea (nothing but a concept), yet they believe they are sitting on greatness and need a little assistance. Our incubator helps start-ups accelerate the successful development of their businesses in exchange for equity or based on performance-based pay. Start-ups often need more than just marketing alone, so the bare Incubator offers a more holistic service:

•Access to low cost design/prototyping/manufacturing of non-chemical products
•Access to marketing expertise (branding development, go-to-market strategy, etc)
•Access to distribution

If you are interested in being considered, please contact us and tell us about your idea.

Our Blog

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