bare was designed for one purpose:
to inject brands that matter with ideas that matter

About bare

The quick and simple facts about who we are


We are not an ad agency. Nor a PR, social, digital or any other kind of “agency” you can imagine. We are an idea shop, composed of strategic and creative thinkers from all walks of life. We were once brand managers, lawyers, artists, sound engineers, copywriters, planners, account folk and more, in our former lives, but once we got to bare, we threw away those function-based, divisive titles and called us what we are, “ideators.”


bare exist for one reason: to inject brands with simple ideas that drive both mind & market share, as well as engage and add value to your consumers lives. We call these ideas that matter. Inherent in this is our belief that ideas are extremely powerful and precious little treasures that exist everywhere. There is an idea behind your business. There is an idea behind your brand. There are ideas behind every strategy, program, and message we create. So whether we are talking about finding ideas hidden in your business or crafting new ideas that enable your brand to grow, at the end of the day, we craft ideas that matter so your brand can have a brighter future. We love generating all types of ideas: brand ideas, product ideas, engagement ideas, digital ideas, social ideas, positioning ideas, strategic ideas, partnership ideas…the list goes on and on.


What makes us most unique is our “how.” But if you’re looking for the conventional agency model where we claim to have a proprietary approach that will supposedly always get our Clients the best answers to their problems, you’ve come to the wrong place. At bare, the “secret sauce” does not lie in our framework for solving problems but in our framework for how we behave. It lies in our philosophy about how we approach ideas, partner with clients, and make an impact on the world. We call this philosophy bare thinking and we put it at the forefront of everything we do. And no, there is nothing proprietary about it. In fact, we are happy to share because the answer is not in the words; the answer is in the unique culture that the belief in the words creates. And, as we all know, culture is not easily duplicate.

Our Capabilities

Ideation & Innovation 99%

Strategy Development 99%
Brand Building 99%
Advertising 99%
Interactive Marketing 99%
Multicultural Marketing 99%

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